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Product reviews of an irregular nature.


New Blog

Well, folks, it's about time I update you on my new IkerSpot blog. I've moved to a new platform on my own domain. I blog about everything from religion to film to literature to politics and back again on the new site. Check it out!



It seems right now the majority of visitors to my blog are interested in Linux. I think the most interesting development in the Linux community is gOS, an operating system based on Ubuntu 7.10 and Google utilities. The main message here is that you have the ability to move the processing power in your system from the PC to the internet. Let the World Wide Web do the work for you. Of course, we're not limited only to using the web. We're also provided with some useful "non-web" freeware products like OpenOffice.org, Xine (for DVD playback) and so forth.

The most fascinating part of this development is the gOS partnership with Everex computers and Wal-mart to put forth a computer that will compete with Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista.

Here is a screenshot:


Yellow Dog Linux on PS3

I finally finished downloading and installing Yellow Dog Linux on my Playstation 3, and I'm fairly pleased with it. However, I'm disgusted with the inability to read Blu-ray discs. Does anyone out there have a fix for this yet? ...and don't just tell me that you do. Tell me how to do it!

Also, what is with the utter lack of Adobe Flash support? Come on! I can't even watch my Strongbad Emails on this thing! Of course, I could go back to the GameOS, but that's no fun if I'm already in a browser. Come on Adobe! I'd like to be able to install XFCE through the package manager as well.

Despite all these problems though, overall, I'm pleased with my Yellow Dog installation. Even if it takes a leak on me once in awhile.

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